Friday, 12 March 2010

Get Well Ted

Whoo hoo it's Friday already! Hope everyone's well and looking forward to a relaxing couple of days, me I'm off to Crufts on Sunday and meeting up with Heather who I've been online friends with for several years great is that!
Anyway, I've had a surreal day talki
ng to and tending to Big Ted! Strange you may think and yes it was a bit odd. I decided to photograph Big Ted, head of the Ted family for a Get Well card. So bandages out and after several attempts of which Florence Nightingale would NOT be proud Big Ted looked decidedly poorly. I found myself talking to him and apologising for pulling him about to get the best position for a photo, sticking pins in him and having to put up with 2 Miniature Schnauzers trying to attack him! I'm sure more than bandages would have been needed had Dexter got hold of him, as can be seen by the number of de-stuffed dog toys we have.
Here is the end result, it's made to fit in with the rest of The Ted Family range, there wasn't a blue card in the set and feeling blue, poorly seemed to fit:

As with all the Ted Cards, there is a description on the back about the Ted, this one explains how Big Ted came to hurt his arm!

I had some lovely blue mulberry paper with silver droplets on it that I was saving to use for something special and this was perfect.

I hope you all enjoy a perfect weekend and those of you crafting get creative! I'll post after Crufts and hope I haven't smuggled any Flat Coated Retrievers home with me. Di

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