Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Doggy Bag

Hi all, I am hoping to participate in my first ever Folksy Friday this week, for my non Folksy friends this is a chance to show off some of the great talent The Folksters have by showing a small selection of items every week. I have been avidly following Haptree's tutorial for posting photo's with a link back to the designers page and whoop whoop, I think I've done it!!!! I've been practising and so as a trial run here is a bag I've had my eye on for ages crafted by Northfield Primitives - I think it's just Fab-U-lous!! Hope tomorrow flies by for all you hard workers and then it's holidays!!! Di x


  1. That's a great start!

    I hope the mini treasury grid works for you too :o)

    You can centre up that image by highlighting it in compose mode and using the 'centre' text button or you can add a little bit of code to centre it which you can see in the code for 6 image grid. It's just the word < center > above and < /center > below

  2. Look forward to seeing your picks on Friday. That's a gorgeous bag isn't it - will go and check that out right away. Elaine

  3. Thank-you so much Di for featuring my doggy bag on your blog. There are so many lovely things on folksy that I feel very honoured that you picked something made by me!
    I love your blog and your handmade cards - best of luck with your new shop at Folksy! Sarah @ Northfield Primitives


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