Thursday, 18 March 2010

Wall Plaques

Afternoon All :-) So much for writing more regularly - no sooner had I said that than the dreaded lurgy hit me and I've been fighting a cold ever since, grrrrrr.
Anyway, feeling a bit more human today so that means feeling crafty! I have some more plaques to make, I'm going to do a couple more Jesus one's to start as I sold two of these recently through my Folksy shop - one was a gift for a Vicar!! I did ask if that meant I could advertise as "approved by the Church of England" but maybe not. The colours don't come out as well as I would like on the photo's, there are several layers of paint on each plaque, distressed between coats using sandpaper and candle wax. Here are a couple of the ones I sold last month, I've got lots of ideas for new ones so better get on with it, will make sure and post tomorrow - I'm planning a Cricut day, experimenting so will make sure and show you the results.

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