Monday, 22 March 2010

Handbag Cards

Evenin' all :-) It's gone 6 o'clock and it's still light - at last Spring is on the way! I've been busy making Easter cards, as well as quite a few special order cards made and delivered today. I had a lot of named cards to make with particular themes chosen but also some more handbags! These cards are so popular, I can't make them quick enough, these are blank but I make them with a birthday message or whatever's wanted really.

Not too much chance to play around with Jiminey Cricut today, but did use it for cutting shapes etc...I know it can do lots more but I need a few days just for experimenting. Thank you for signing on to the new peeps, I know you don't actually get to read all this rabbitting and probably flick through the pics but big hi from me! I am trying to figure out how to link photo's from Folksy to here. There are some really talented Crafters on there whose work I'd love to share with you. Meanwhile have a great evening and speak soon, Di x

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