Friday, 5 March 2010

Jiminey Cricut

Another week gone by and huge excitement for me...I finally bit the bullet and bought a Cricut machine!!! I've only had a day or so to play and I imagine it will take me ages to find out everything it can do but I did manage to cut out some flowers in different colours to make my own embellishments, I added a sparkly in the middle for pretty look and arranged them to make a Mothers Day card, here it is, as I say first attempt so quite amateurish but I liked it :-)
There are so many things the machine can do, it's a bit overwhelming at first...where do I start?? Anyway I'm sure there will be lots of mistakes along the way but hopefully lots of successes too which I'll record here in my little corner of the web. Next it's Easter cards so will have to see what the Cricut can do in the way of bunnies!!


  1. I've see the cricuts and would love to have one. It will be great seeing what you can do with one.

  2. So far Teresa I've thrown away more paper than used but I'll get there! I definitely recommend one though ... just don't expect to get any housework done!


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