Saturday, 6 March 2010

Baby Name Plaques

The weekend at last so hope you're all having a good one. Apologies to those who tried to sign on as followers but couldn't - don't get all the technical stuff so will find out what the prob is. I finished off a wall plaque today for a special order, will attach photo but think it looks better in real life...or real wood should I say! Anyway it's stained with pink, cream and lilac paint which sounds a bit much but is really very muted and's for a baby's room so it needs to be,

The little wooden heart has a couple of sparklies on for extra prettiness. Anyway, will hope to post more soon on the new Cricut projects ... still trying to work out all the controls but I'll get there. Catch you soon x


  1. Diane - that's really beautiful. Hard to imagine it being any more beautiful in real life!

  2. Thank you Teresa, that's so kind of you to say. The colours don't really show so well on the photo as there are several layers of paint which give a lovely effect. Nice to 'see' you!


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