Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Puppy Louis

Hi all and thank you to Amanda at Once Designer Jewellery for your enquiry about the handbag cards, I've now put them in my Folksy shop at £1.75 for anyone who's interested, Folksy can be reached by the badge on the left ;-).
A busy day today rushing around but managed to get a couple of cards made, these were for special order but are ones I can easily re-produce and personalise if required.The first one features Louis's puppy photo again, this time in turquoise, my favourite colour, it's too sweet a photo to only make one card with! I was then fiddling about with bits and bobs as you do, and came up with the flower card, made using Jiminey Cricut for the flower, this one looks better in real life as it's quite textured with the ribbon and the flower.
Hey ho - hope you like and call back again - I registered on Craftjuice today and am trying to work out what goes on - when I can work out how I'll post the link here and you can see for yourselves. Have a lovely evening, see you soon :-)

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  1. No problem! I think my cousin will love it and it is great value when you compare it to rubbish cards in the shops :-)

    Amanda x


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