Friday, 26 March 2010

Craft Club!

Hi all - it's Friday again! For those of you who make return visits, I hope there are some ;-) ... I have re-vamped the look of the blog, what do you think? I love the outdoors so the natural background appealed to me, it's a change for now anyway - I'll live with it for a while and see how it feels.
I have been busy today making myself a new craft room - well clearing years of junk out of the spare room to find myself space to work that is! The worry is I'll disappear in there and not come out, you know how it is when you get carried away with crafting...hee hee.
Anyhoo, due to this I've nothing new to show you so how about something different - a photo of our not as regular as it should be Craft Club meeting - another one due soon!

I took this when everyone was unaware, busy at their patchwork on that day, some beautiful cushions were produced by Amy and Emily, I'll have to take some pics of them to show.
Bye for now all - have a great weekend! Di


  1. I like your new blog look! Very tranquil...

  2. Thanks Amanda, I re-vamped it after seeing yours and how lovely it is! Di x


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