Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Sunny Days and Photo's

Hi all, what fantastic sunshine today! I hope you are all enjoying the same. I have been out and about with my camera recently and would like to share a few summer photo's I've taken. I'm always on the look out for subjects I can possibly use for cards, and have had some success with my own photo's as card toppers. I am no David Bailey by any means but as a complete ameteur armed with my trusty Canon Sureshot I enjoy it. I use The Gimp photo editor which is a free download, Personally I find it more User Friendly than Photoshop which used to crash my PC regularly...I'm sure Disciples of Photoshop will want to shoot me down in flames but The Gimp suits me well. I usually just crop whatever section of the photo I require and then adjust the lighting and use the 'unsharp' mask if a bit more definition is needed. There are lots of filters to play around with if you like, and you can create some very 'arty' effects if that is your taste. For these photo's I was just trying to capture a feeling of Summer and with some I may have succeeded, I'd love your I say I am a complete novice so I know these are not Professional standard! I'll see what I can come up with on the card front using some of these...couldn't you just eat this Devon Cream Tea right now by the way!!!


  1. Hey hun- just bought another card off you on Folksy to be sent to me here at my BFPO address- hope that's OK (costs the same as UK postage). It's for my Mum and I think it's soooo cute! Amanda xx

  2. Hi Amanda, how great to hear from you again! Will send the card off first class tomorrow, thank you for thinking of me, Di x

  3. Delicious Cream Tea picture! Could do with one now with my cuppa! (-:

  4. They're all lovely pics and work really well together. Nice to see sunny things after such a rainy weekend!


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