Monday, 5 April 2010


Hi all, I hope a good Easter has been had by all and lots of chocolate eaten! We had a mini Craft Club meeting on Saturday where I taught the others the basics of Macrame. Everyone picked it up, we are now deciding what projects to attempt - I'm all for 'bring back the 70's macrame covered wine bottles and plant holders'!!! We'll probably go for something a little more current like beaded bracelets but watch this space!
Following on from last weeks heart theme this is the lilac heart I made today and put onto Folksy. I made lots for friends and family instead of Easter eggs and they seemed to be well received so hope you like. Hearts are a big theme at the the moment in all sorts of home decorations, I remember making these back in the 70's dare I say, then it was all bright oranges and browns though!!! Enjoy the rest of your day, time for more Easter eggs for me - they do go off you know ;-)  Di x

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  1. Hi - as someone who is also in Bristol, would love to know more about your craft club please. I can be emailed via my blog profile. Thanks!


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