Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Local Independant Craft shops

Hello all, had a lovely time today rummaging around my local fabric/craft shop. The range of fabrics was fantastic - they also sell 101 things everyone needs from jewellery findings to googly eyes! This is a small independent and luckily is well supported as they could struggle having bigger craft chains in Bristol - support your local shops I say!! I remember buying material in there to make my school summer dresses so it has some history too. I could have spent a fortune, as it was I bought a fat square of pretty blue fabric, some buttons and some lace! I came straight home and made another heart for the collection, I had to use the bits I'd bought and this was the result:

This heart is also fragranced and has a lovely fresh citrus scent.
I must give up on the hearts now - I have lots of other items in mind to make - watch this space! Have a good day tomorrow all and hope the sun shines for you! Di x 

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