Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Heritage Crafts Association

Hi all, I hope you've been enjoying a beautiful sunny Sunday! I came in when it got a bit warm for me and started reading about The Heritage Crafts Association, having been pointed in their direction via The Craft Forum. The Heritage Crafts Association is a campaign to raise the profile of traditional skills and support those in danger of being lost. They say:

'There are crafts that form part of our cultural heritage which are in real danger of dying out. The skills and techniques required are known by only a few, in some cases only one, as craftspeople become older and retire from their work, and there is no-one coming into the craft to take their place.
The Heritage Crafts Association firmly believes in the importance of these crafts as a fundamental part of our living heritage.'

I have added a button to take you to their site which is located just below the friends box on the right, under case studies there are some fascinating cases including British clog maker Jeremy Atkinson, if you have a blog or FB page please consider promoting this worthwhile cause by including a button on you blog!

The above photo should take you to the Case Studies page if you fancy an interesting read. Have a great evening all, Di x

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