Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Beautiful Beer

Hi all, hope the week is being kind to you. I got back from beautiful Beer yesterday, what a fabulous place! It was so unspoiled and traditional - no arcades, no tacky shops, just quaint streets with real crafty shops with lots of hand made gifts on offer. The weather was just brilliant for us, we were so lucky and spent most of our time around the beach:
It's a pebble beach which was pretty painful on the feet, however this was more than made up for by the fantastic ice cream on sale! The water was unbelievably clear although freezing of course so we weren't tempted to swim but managed a paddle! I took some nice macro photo's of the pebbles which I'm hoping to make into some cards if I can come up with the right idea for them:

I could have sat all day sorting through the stones, I did manage to find one pebble with a hole which of course is lucky but it was far too big to bring home, plus of course it is now illegal to take beach pebbles...beware the Pebble Police will be after you should you try!
Back to some crafting tomorrow, enjoy the rest of the week everyone! Di x

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  1. Love your blog. The pebble photo's caught my eye - the one looks like a bagel! --jb


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