Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sweet Hearts

Hi all, hope you're all enjoying the sunshine as we are - it's glorious! I'm off to Beer in Devon until Tuesday so fingers crossed the weather stays like this.
I hope some of you managed a little go at Macrame! I asked the Folksters about it and a lot had done it in the past but it seems to be making a comeback, especially this summer in the form of belts and accessories - maybe I'll be ahead of the trend for once.
I made this sweet heart on Sunday and sent one out in the post the next day so hope they will prove popular. I found a box of 'Love Beads' which I had left over from the seventies believe it or not, so have sewn some of them onto it! I've a few more sewing projects to get underway so I'll start in earnest when I get back next week.
Hope the weekend is a fab one for all of you, I love the sea so will hopefully come back inspired to make lots. Di x

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