Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Still Jesting, and a Jester's Treasury.

Those of you who know will know of my long standing shoulder problem - anyway finally saw the Surgeon today who has referred me for an MRI. Now, unfortunately the last time I had to have an MRI, I completely freaked out and couldn't have it done, felt a complete woos, but the claustrophobia was terrifying. Anyway, it seems I can be referred for an Open MRI which will mean travelling to Swindon or Cheltenham but great result!!
Back to crafting and I've had to go a bit careful but completed a couple of little accent cushions, one in pink Gingham and one with a gorgeous Moda print:
Looking through the Jesters threads of the last few days it is almost impossible to select, there are so many lovely items but here are a few of my favourites, as usual a click on the photo should take you to the shop:


  1. Oh! Hope the open MRI isn't as scary as the normal ones! Thank you for picking my coasters! There's such an amazing range of items appearing lately - loving the pink heart cushion.

  2. Gorgeous choices! Thank you for featuring my earrings. I can not pick a favourite, as I love everything!

    Jacqueline x

  3. Great choices! Love the coasters.
    Fingers crossed the open MRI is nicer. I don't get claustrophobic but even I got a bit ancy in a normal MRI

  4. All stunning choices! Would happily own all or any of them!

    Natalie x


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