Monday, 5 July 2010

July 5th Jesting

I've made it to day 5! A bit pathetic to celebrate already but I thought I'd fail by day 3! Today has been a bit stressful to say the least as 'man with  digger' arrived at 8 am to clear the front of the house ready for a driveway - lots of concrete cutting and lots of dust which seemed to travel a long way! I'm sure I'm not the most popular in the road today as everyone would have shut their windows and it's been very hot! So, it was a treat to shut myself away and make this  hanging heart as my day five challenge: I photographed it amongst a lovely pot of flowers just for a change. I've also got very carried away and made tomorrows already as I will be out most of the day. I've selected a few from todays Jesters, again, impossible to choose as there are a wealth of lovelies to choose from!
This gorgeous cross from Elderberry Arts, just lovely:
Then this sweet pendant from Poppyfield:

...and finally Top Floor Treasures so sweet little Kitties Pencil/ Zipped case, I love it.
Click on any of the photo's to visit the shops, thanks for dropping by!


  1. Lovely choices! Adore Top Floors pencil case, the material is so cute!

    Natalie x

  2. Thanks so much Di, cheered me right up! :-D

    And thanks for your lovely comment Natalie! x

  3. Nice selection, love the pendant


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