Sunday, 6 June 2010

Lacock and Mr Darcy!

I hope you won't mind a change from Crafting for me to tell you about my lovely day out to Lacock, the National Trust Village and Abbey and the film site for many productions including Pride & Prejudice, Cranford & Harry Potter. It's situated in Wiltshire, a few miles outside Chippenham.
The sun shone all day for our visit, which always helps to create the quintessential picture postcard scene, you may recognise the images below, I cropped the bottom as 21st century cars didn't fit the image! There is a famous scene in P & P shot on the street where the Bennet Sisters are window shopping and Mr Darcy, the gorgeous Colin Firth appears on horseback...

The whole village, bar 6 properties, is owned by the National Trust, having been given to them along with The Abbey by Matilda Gilchrist-Clarky in 1944, the properties are rented out and the guide was telling me that arrangements are made between the residents and the Trust for filming days for people to say within their homes and not suddenly appear at the window!
The Abbey was established in the 13th century but after Henry V111's Dissolution of the monastries it became a resdential dwelling, however much of the original building still stands, including the wonderful Cloisters where you can imagine strolling along in contemplation, however I would more likely have been a scullery maid! This is where a lot of Harry Potter is shot and again you may well recognise the scenes:

Thank you for indulging me my trip away from Crafting - if you fancy a visit to Lacock I can highly recommend it, the National Trust link is here if you want to follow up.


  1. Ohhh Mr. Darcy indeed! Very nice non-crafty post (-:

  2. hey, I went here last year, was very interesting, loved seeing the cloisers where the first 2 harry potters were filmed :)


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