Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Chat with Once Designer Jewellery

I love to know all about other Crafters so here is my first 'Chat With' - talking to Amanda of Once Designer Jewellery who has a fabulous website as well as a shop on Folksy:

Amanda, when did you first become interested in Jewellery making?

I have always been interested in it but I only started my business, Once Designer Jewellery, in January 2010.
How do you go about designing a piece of jewellery, where does your inspiration come from?

I get inspiration from the world around me. A lot of my designs are inspired by the seasons, the elements and times of day! I also love researching into the latest fashions and popular styles of jewellery.

What’s your favourite part of the jewellery making process?

I love designing and then ordering and getting the lovely beads! It’s so exciting opening all the packages and seeing them. I also like it when I am halfway through making a piece because I can really see it taking shape.

Do you take on commission work too?

I really enjoy doing commissions. Quite often, someone will see a piece they like and ask for it in a different colour, or they want a certain colour to match a new item of clothing. I recently made a charm bracelet where one of the charms was a watch face, because my client wanted to be able to tell the time at dinner parties without having to wear her chunky watch! I can make whatever clients want, and they love having something unique made for them, which they helped to design.
Do you have your own website as well as your Folksy shop?

I have my own website which you can find at
What item have you made and been most proud of?

Oooh that’s a difficult one! I think maybe the bracelet below. I am proud of it because I made the red and green beads from Polymer Clay and they are my favourite ones that I have made. It’s still available actually! It’s called ‘Summer’.

Are you a Blogger and do you enjoy it?

I am a blogger, yes! I try to keep up to date with it but it is difficult! My blog is here. I also have a Facebook page here.

Are you able to work full time on your jewellery making, or would you like to be able to one day?

I am a teacher as my day job but I am only part time and I hope to be able to do both in equal measure one day!

Finally, anything you would like to add about yourself, life in general etc!!???

I am 32, I am married with two lovely children and I would love anyone reading my interview to have a look at my site and blog!

Thanks for letting me have a nosey into your life Amanda, please drop by Amanda's website/Folksy shop and let her know what you think of her lovely items.

Click to visit Amanda's shop


  1. Nice interview...well done you. Amanda's bracelet with the textured silver balls and Green glass hearts is gorgeous (-:

  2. Thanks for looking Sugarplum, I love that one too, Di x

  3. great interview .....I love the bracelet in the last photo mmmmmmm
    Di you always have something interesting to read in your loving the stuff on traditional crafts
    trish xx

  4. Thank you for featuring my biplane gift box


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