Thursday, 13 May 2010

Tiny Totes and funny dogs!

Hi all, another week flying by! I spent yesterday completing a bag I eventually called a 'Tiny Tote', it's 8" x 10" rather than the large shopping style tote and has a really Summery look to it. I originally made the blue panel with patchwork, ribbons and some bead work as a small cushion cover but when I came to make it up decided on a bag you do. Here is the finished article:
Yesterday my OH decided to make some bread, he has made white bread previously but wanted to make a wholemeal loaf. Those breadmakers amongst you will know how much harder the kneading of this is, while he was huffing and puffing at this, our 2 dogs Dex and Louis looked on mesmerised, they looked so funny I snapped a photo of them. The bread was delicious - I should have photographed it but it wasn't around long enough so here are the boys instead!

Can we have some pleeeeeeeease?

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