Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Basketmakers Association

I have been so interested these past few weeks learning all about Heritage Crafts, my reading has led me from one site to another, as it does, and I've been reading up on Basketmaking! The Basketmakers Association says:
"Our aim is to promote the knowledge of basketry, chairseating and allied crafts; their making, study, collecting, teaching and use. To set standards of teaching and quality of workmanship and to encourage original design." 
There has recently been a real revival of interest in basketmaking. Courses held to learn this craft are in great demand, and exhibitions such as "Contemporary International Basketmaking" and "Crossover" are well attended by people from across the country.
Why such a renewed interest in this traditional craft?  As we know hand made items are growing in popularity, the natural materials used in basketmaking such as willow are also enjoying huge popularity and a lot of the buying public are against huge imports from the far east for example.
As well as traditional makers producing a wide range of beautuful and functional wares, there is a growing number of artist basket makers who are making really exciting work.
Reading about this Association led me on to The Worshipful Company of Basketmakers! What a fabulous title, The Basketmakers Livery Company was established in 1569 to control the manufacture of baskets within the City of London. This actually followed on from the Guilds of Medieval times I was blogging about a while back. Until the mid-eighteenth century the Company controlled the manufacture of baskets in the City, confiscating any which were below standard.(what a shame no such power is held today!) For information on The Worshipful Company of Basketmaker's visit their website, more information on The Association of Basketmakers can be found here. Thank you for indulging me again in my interest of all things traditonal! Di x

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  1. I love that basket with beads included, lovely :)


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