Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Trying new techniques and good intentions...

I am such a bad blogger! The good intentions are always there but life seems to get in the way, I think I will just accept that I am not one of these wonder women I admire so much who manage to juggle a zillion things at once, and blog as and when I can, there...that feels better :-)

I have been having a very crafty time otherwise, which I must admit is preferable to sitting at the PC, so much of selling online involves the old promote, promote, promote dedication that learning new crafts and skills goes to the bottom of the list of things to do sometimes.
I've carried on experimenting with cards and new painting and embossing techniques. Here are a few examples: 
I also love the large fancy tags that are so popular now and have been making and selling quite a few of these. I would like some more stamps and some more grunge board to be able to expand all the ideas I have so must just learn a bit of patience...very difficult when you want to get on and create something isn't it?

I hope you like what I've been up to, many more bits to show you, I have been very busy on the jewellery front too, so will enjoy sharing that with you, hopefully a little sooner than 3 months time lol!!

I've intentionally not attached a shop link to the photo's as this blog is purely a chat about crafts, if anyone would like a browse the link to my Folksy shop is on the front page, many thanks for dropping by xxx

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