Friday, 12 August 2011

So Excited...

I have been in a state of heady excitement ever since my mother and I spent the afternoon going through a very aged and gorgeous leather suitcase jam packed with old family photographs. the case belongs to my Mothers brother who lives in Kenya and is sadly unlikely to return to this country due to ill health so he has given this suitcase to Mum, as she has been storing it for the past 40 years for him.

It is an absolute treasure trove of finds, of which I'll share a few here and more when I've had chance to scan them. They are all family, these are Great Great Grandmother and Great Great Aunts, they all look very posh, I believe the family was wealthy back then but something went wrong by the time it came to me! Here are a few of them, aren't they lovely ladies?

I'm wondering if I could use them in my crafts without offending them, that sounds ridiculous I know but they look like such 'ladies' I'm sure they would look down their noses at 'trade' and the thought of them being on the front of a card would probably have them spinning!

Anyone have any ideas what use I can make of these gorgeous photographs, we will obviously make a lovely album from them, maybe that should be enough and I should honour what I imagine their thoughts on the matter would have been!

Hope you enjoyed them, I'll have to post some more soon, including ones of the servants, now that would have been me!

Thanks for reading, bye for now


  1. I'll always treasure the old photos I've got but I think mine were poor dressing up as somewhat wealthy!

  2. These are amzing I love the poses


    I am so happy to meet you and having you visit my blog today!

    I have TONS of vintage photos like this of my beautiful grandmother. I have her photos on my sidebar on my blog if you want to have a look. I have scanned her photos and used the scanned copies, as to not ruin the originals, and I have made CUT OUTS of her face. Then, I have placed paper crowns of Dresden (check that out on-line if you have never seen it) and then I glitter away! I doubt if grandmama would care! I have also made fairys with wings with other vintage photos as such and placed them under cloches. Let me know what you think! Anita

  4. Lovely photo's, the images could make beautiful gift tags for family, so much can be done with the images without spoiling the original. xx

  5. Oh I am soooooo happy to know that you know our Golden Boy of Blogland, GEORGE THE LAD! He is my absolute hero! Any dog that can smile has my heart! And I am very happy to have given you a little bit of direction on the limitless ideas you can explore to put scanned copies of your beautiful vintage photos to use!



  6. Ooooh these are lovely - I love old photos! The formal poses are amazing. Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do with them!

  7. What a fabulous find. It would be great to use the images, keeping the originals safe, of course.
    They all look like strong women who would applaud your ingenuity, so make the most of them.


  8. Hi! I love photos like these! I would definitely make copies then you could craft until your heart's content!

    E :)

  9. Hello Di, just checked out your website. I LOVE the idea of going through an old trunk and finding goodies like that! My goodness, you MUST use them but as everyone else has said, make copies to use and keep the originals.
    There are loads of things you could use them for including printing them onto fabric. Then the possibilities will be endless! Far better you use them than they moulder away forgotten in a trunk.
    Best wishes

  10. Thank you for your comments, they are read and appreciated very much. I will dinitely try to make a respectful use of the photographs - even the ones of the Victorian pet dogs :-) Lovely to see you hear Polly, you mentioned paper crafting, I think you'd love it! Di x

  11. What a find! I adore old photographs and how much nicer to have family ones! Thanks for sharing these with us. xxx


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